About Hal Brindley

Wildlife photographer Hal Brindley and his wife, zoologist Cristina Garcia in Namibia
Hal Brindley and his wife, zoologist Cristina Garcia in Namibia

About this site:

This site is about a guy who likes to take pictures of wildlife. My name is Hal Brindley. The reason I got into this profession is that I am endlessly fascinated and amazed by animals. They make me laugh and cry and sometimes they make me wet my pants in terror.

Within the pages of this site you will find photos, stories, and videos from some of my favorite adventures. If you’re interested in licensing images or ordering prints and products, then please contact me. If you’re looking for pretty pictures captioned with tales of adventure, educational tidbits, and the occasional dash of low-brow humor, then sit back, grab some popcorn, and click on one of the links on the photo stories page.

My mission:

gorillaMy real goal in life is to travel the world and to learn about the incredible variety of creatures that fill it. When you learn about these animals, you start to care about them.

That is what I hope to pass on to you, the notion that Planet Earth was not designed for human beings to rule. We are just one of the many incredible by-products of evolution, like all the plants and animals and one-celled doo-dads that surround us. I believe that we can consider the rest of our kin, the community of life, when we make our everyday decisions.

Many species have come and gone before us, and many more will come and go after us. Even if we manage to accidentally wipe out 99% of life on this planet, including ourselves, life and evolution will go on. Still, it seems a shame to allow that to happen, to so rapidly undo what nature has taken hundreds of millions of years to come up with.

hal-sealSo I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to happen. If you care, you can and will make a difference.

I think these critters are pretty neat, and definitely worth keeping around.

Hopefully you will too.

Enjoy the show …


P.S. If you’d like to keep up with my adventures, please visit Travel For Wildlife where most of my writing and photography can be found. And like my facebook page (facebook.com/halbrindleywildlife)

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