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  1. Hello Hal,
    I am a certified Florida Master Naturalist and Interpretive Tour Guide on Sanibel Island and came across your wonderful article “HOW TO TELL IF A SEA SHELL, SAND DOLLAR, STARFISH, EGG CASE, OR URCHIN IS ALIVE OR DEAD”. I am currently developing an educational walk-up table for the resort that I work at, and wanted to ask you for permission to include the photos from your article in my display. I would print out, laminate and label them so that I can educate visitors on how to tell if the animal is dead or alive. We don’t always get to see live sea urchins, sea stars, or sand dollars on the tour and your photos perfectly capture these organisms and the signs that they are alive. Some people learn better with visuals (especially kids). You and I have a common goal, to “promote conservation through responsible wildlife tourism”. I admire that you are so dedicated to this goal and inspire others through your photos and stories. I hope that after guests experience this program that they become more mindful and responsible tourists as they stroll the beaches in search of treasures. Please let me know at your earliest convince if I have permission to proceed to use your images. I would of course keep the watermark visible. This program is for educational purposes and guests would not be charged anything to participate. All of the tours I also do are complementary with the goal to foster respect, interest, and conservation awareness for the diverse flora and fauna of Sanibel.
    Thank you for your time,
    Maggie Ciufo

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