tvHere you can find some wildlife videos, films, or clips made by or featuring Hal Brindley. You can find others by visiting our YouTube channels for  Travel For Wildlife ,  Hal Brindley, and Wildlife Video Channel (where we list some stock video clips).

Hit PLAY to watch all in a set, or click PLAYLIST at the top of each player to choose individual videos.

Featured Videos

Some favorite videos I’ve produced. Who knows what will pop up in here!

Wildlife Videos

Wildlife related films, clips, and shorts.

Travel Videos

A collection of my wildlife travel  videos, including hotel reviews, lodging reviews, travel destinations, and travel tips.

Assorted Goofiness

Other goofy films and shorts I’ve produced over the years. Some for my web series called The Enviro-Mentals, some for my various BMX clothing companies (Oldscool BMX), and other random appearances and creations.

Stock Wildlife Video Clips

A collection of stock wildlife video clips and animal footage filmed by Hal Brindley and Cristina Garcia. To license footage for use in your production, please contact me.

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