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media appearances (by me or my photos, video, writing, art, etc.)

screen grab of asahi TV japan website
This one is hilarious. I got a strange message through youtube about one of my videos: Cobra vs. Ground Squirrel. (You can watch it below.) The email was from a researcher with a Japanese television show. They wanted to use Cobra vs Ground Squirrel on their show “as an example... Read More
screen grab of Hal Brindley's guest post on
I had the honor of writing a guest post for an awesome site called Wanderlusters. It’s about what Earth Day means to me and includes a photo gallery of some of my favorite creatures from Botswana. If you’ve never checked out Wanderlusters, it’s a travel blog written by Benjamin Jones... Read More
Hal Brindley with his red wolf photo on a Nature Conservancy event note card
Got this nice little surprise in the mail. A note card featuring my red wolf photo, produced by The Nature Consevancy as an invitation to an upcoming event about red wolf conservation.  This makes me triple happy because: 1) This is my favorite red wolf photo I’ve taken (it’s the... Read More
I’m a snorkeling super star! This 15 second clip that I shot of myself snorkeling with beluga whales is being used as a TV commercial for the Canadian Tourism Commission! (Keep It will be airing on TV stations around the world (but not in North American markets!) I filmed... Read More
Hal Brindley with his photo in the Nature Conservancy Calendar 2014
I got an email from my friend Jeff Crawn (check out his awesome pics here) that said, congratulations on your photo in the Nature Conservancy Calendar! And I said, “uh… thanks! What photo?” I had no idea that they had used one! My mom gave me her copy of the... Read More
Cristina and I were traveling through Manitoba on our American Safari and received a message from a producer at Global News in Winnipeg. She asked if we’d come in to be interviewed live on their morning show. We said sure! Pretty crazy. (Interview with Hal Brindley and Cristina Garcia, Friday... Read More
sleeping walruses photo by Hal Brindley in Ranger Rick Jr Magazine, January 2013
I had a photo published in the very first issue of Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine! (It used to be called Big Backyard.) This is a huge honor for me as Ranger Rick was one of my favorites as a kid! They used my photo of sleeping walruses from Round Island... Read More
One of my first appearances in the yellow box: National Geographic! My leopard vs crocodile photo sequence made into an episode of National Geographic Channel’s “Caught In the Act” (episode 4). If anyone out there happens to have a copy of this, let me know! I don’t think I’ve ever... Read More
It was a huge honor to be included in the 2011 Asian Geographic Magazine Wildlife Edition. I got a 6 page spread featuring my photos and an article I wrote titled “Leopard Versus Crocodile” about my encounter in Kruger National Park. The issue is full of wildlife photographer legends (like... Read More
An article I wrote about the Leopard Vs. Crocodile incident was published in South Africa’s Getaway Magazine along with my photos! As a bonus, I won a competition to be included in the upcoming book Kruger Tales, and a free two night stay in a luxury lodge in northern Kruger!... Read More
The Leopard is Back! Once again, the Leopard and Crocodile have provided for me. I wrote a short piece about the day I witnessed a leopard attacking a crocodile and submitted it to a competition in Getaway Magazine, South Africa’s premier travel magazine. I just found out I won! The... Read More