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Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) Photographed at the Copán Maya ruins in Honduras.

Scarlet Macaw

(Ara macao)

In my opinion, the Scarlet Macaw is the most beautiful bird in the world. Some might call it gaudy, with its shocking reds, yellows, and blues and long trailing tail, but there is no denying the magnificence of this parrot when you see it flying over the rainforest.

Scarlet Macaws have a powerful curved beak which they use to crack open hard nuts and seeds, along with a very dexterous tongue which is used to extract the kernel. They are one of my favorite species to watch when visiting the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica (check out this video of Scarlet Macaws in action!)

Photo above taken at the Copán Maya ruins in Honduras. Video filmed near Caraté in Costa Rica.