Shingleback Skink (Trachydosaurus rugosus) in Dryandra Woodland, SW Australia.

Daily Creature 61: Shingleback

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Shingleback Skink (Trachydosaurus rugosus) threat display in Dryandra Woodland, SW Australia.

Shingleback Skink

(Trachydosaurus rugosus)

The Shingleback has an impressive threat display, opening its mouth wide and exposing a bright blue tongue!

The Shingleback is native to Australia and has many common names, including Bobtail, Stumpy-tailed Lizard, Pinecone Lizard, Sleepy Lizard, and Two-headed Skink (due to its short fat tail which resembles the head!)

According to one study, Shingleback skinks are generally monogamous. One pair mated for ten consecutive years! This is highly unusual for a reptile!

Photos taken in Dryandra Woodland, SW Australia.

Shingleback Skink (Trachydosaurus rugosus) Dryandra Woodland, SW Australia 10/02© Hal Brindley
Shingleback Skink (Bobtail) in Dryandra Woodland SW Australia.

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