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Welcome to my A-Z Animals series! This is a collection of animals that start with n. My list only includes one-word animal names because they’re the best for animal alphabets! Here are 37 animals beginning with N and a short description of each. If you want to see even more, check out the huge list of animals starting with n I made on Travel For Wildlife. But first, my top 5 favorite animals that start with the letter n!

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animals beginning with n
Animals that Start With N: the Newt!

My Top 5 Favorite Animals That Start With N

  1. Narwhal
  2. Nautilus
  3. Nudibranch
  4. Numbat
  5. Noolbenger

Mammals That Start With N

  1. Narwhal (an Arctic whale)
  2. Numbat (an Australian marsupial anteater)
  3. Nutria (a South American aquatic rodent, aka Coypu)
  4. Nyala (an African antelope)
  5. Nabarlek (an Australian marsupial, aka Little Rock Wallaby)
  6. Noolbenger (an Australian marsupial, aka Honey Possum)
  7. Nilgai (an Indian antelope, aka Blue Bull)
  8. Ningaui ( group of tiny Australian marsupials)
  9. Noctule (a Eurasian bat, aka Common Noctule, or one of 8 species of bats in the genus Nyctalus)
  10. Napu (a Southeast Asian ungulate, aka Greater Mouse Deer)

Birds That Start With N

  1. Nightingale (a Eurasian song bird)
  2. Nene (Nënë) (an endangered Hawaiian goose)
  3. Nighthawk (a nocturnal bird, aka Common Nighthawk)
  4. Neddicky ( an African song bird, aka Piping Cisticola)
  5. Nightjar (about 100 species of nocturnal birds in the family Caprimulgidae)
  6. Nutcracker (3 species of jay-like birds in the genus Nucifraga)
  7. Nicator (genus of songbirds in Africa)
  8. Noddy (tropical seabirds in the genus Anous)
  9. Nunbird (Central and South American puffbirds in the genus Monasa)
  10. Nunlet (South American puffbirds in the genus Nonnula)
  11. Nuthatch (clinging birds of the genus Sitta, 28 species)
  12. Nandu (3 species of large flightless birds in South America, aka Rhea)

Amphibians That Start With N

  1. Newt (salamanders in the subfamily Pleurodelinae)
  2. Natterjack ( a European toad)

Fish That Start With N

  1. Needlefish (tropical saltwater fish belonging to the Belonidae family)
  2. Nalolo (a Combtooth Blenny)
  3. Nase (a European freshwater fish)
  4. Nightfish (a freshwater perch in Southern Australia)
  5. Nkupe (a freshwater fish in Central/Southern Africa)
  6. Noodlefish (freshwater fish belonging to the Salangidae family in Eastern Asia)
  7. Numbray (an electric ray in Australia, aka Spottail Sleeper Ray)
  8. Numbfish (tropical electric rays in the Narcinidae family)
  9. Nurseryfish (brackish-water fish in northern Australia & New Guinea)

Invertebrate Animals That Start With N

  1. Nautilus (a cephalopod with a chambered spiral shell)
  2. Nudibranch (one of more than 2,300 species of colorful sea slugs)
  3. Nightcrawler (a large earthworm)
  4. Nematode (roundworms belong to the phylum Nematoda)

Pictures of Animals Beginning With N