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screen grab of asahi TV japan website

This one is hilarious. I got a strange message through youtube about one of my videos: Cobra vs. Ground Squirrel. (You can watch it below.)

The email was from a researcher with a Japanese television show. They wanted to use Cobra vs Ground Squirrel on their show “as an example of a very unique animal behaviour.” Here’s a fun excerpt from the message.

I was requested by a producer from TV Asahi (Japan’s most heavily watched TV channel ) to contact you and ask about the possibility of our introducing your fine video of the “Cobra vs.Ground Squirrel- Surprise Winner!”
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql88KA-EOWc) to the Japanese audience on the programme below:

◆Programme Title: Quiz Presentation Variety Show “Q-sama”
◆Air date: 12th May.,2014 Time: 7.00 pm to 8.54 pm
◆Presenters: Summers (Comedians) and Yuka (Actress)

Who could say no to being on a Quiz Presentation Variety Show ?!? The screen grab above is from the crazy looking website for the tv show. If you happen to be in front of a TV in Japan on May 12 please record this show for me so I can see how it went!