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screen grab of Hal Brindley's guest post on Wanderlusters.com

I had the honor of writing a guest post for an awesome site called Wanderlusters. It’s about what Earth Day means to me and includes a photo gallery of some of my favorite creatures from Botswana.

If you’ve never checked out Wanderlusters, it’s a travel blog written by Benjamin Jones and Charli Moore who have been perpetual travelers since 2010 and is full of excellent articles and photography.

Here’s a quick excerpt and a couple pics.

Giraffe reaching down to the ground for a seed pod in central Botswana.

Planet Earth is just a big ball of rock with a lot of elements swirling around on it and it’s not going anywhere, no matter what humans may do. Mountains and oceans are beautiful, but they are just stone and water. Earth Day is about something much more precious and rare in the universe: life. Living things. All eight million species of plants and animals and single-celled what-nots that surround us and live inside us and occupy every corner of this globe. We don’t seek to protect habitats and environments for their own sake. Our goal is to protect a life-support system, one that can maintain this incredibly diverse family of living things.

baby meerkats at the den in the Central Kalahari, BotswanaPersonally, I think animals are the most incredible branch on our family of life. They are so mind-boggling complex that it is astonishing we exist at all. And even more so that all our billions of parts could ever work together as a functioning system that allow us to walk and talk and think and fly through the skies and swim in the seas and eat and sleep and reproduce and to do all the things we animals do.

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