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sleeping walruses photo by Hal Brindley in Ranger Rick Jr Magazine, January 2013

I had a photo published in the very first issue of Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine! (It used to be called Big Backyard.) This is a huge honor for me as Ranger Rick was one of my favorites as a kid! They used my photo of sleeping walruses from Round Island Alaska in an article titled Sweet Dreams. It featured all photos of sleeping animals and cute little verses to go with them. Mine reads: “Walrus piles up to doze on rocky ocean shores. He doesn’t mind the pointy tusks or noisy walrus snores.”

The funniest part is that the cover refers to the article as “Super Sleepy Animals”. Ha!

Published in the December/January 2013 Issue.

here's the full spread
here’s the full spread with my walrus photo
this is the first page of the article
this is the first page of the article
the cover
the cover


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