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Welcome to my RV Renovation Series! On my previous step I added a second layer of plywood to the roof. Now I need to repair the RV clearance lights (marker lights) on the front. Just like in the back, none of these marker lights were functioning because of rusted connections. (Basically the same drill as repairing the rear RV marker lights.)

WARNING: This is really just a rough draft of the post, a collection of photos (possibly with captions). I’ll be on the road for a few months and won’t have time to complete these posts until after, but for those of you who’ve written and want to see the rest of the project, hopefully this is better than nothing. Thanks for your patience until then!

Holy crap was I proud of myself when I saw them lit up in all their glory 🙂

For my next step I’m going to cut a new hole for a roof vent fan toward the front of the camper. Head on over!